What a Clever way to say: ‘We don’t want War until We can win It!’

What a Clever way to say: ‘We don’t want War until WE can win It’!

September 29, 2007


The Jerusalem Post quote of Syria’s Vice President as saying Syria does not want war with Israel ‘in the distant or near future,’ is half true. They do not want it in the near future because of the failure of their high tech Russian detection, intercept, and destruction system to stop the squadron of Israeli aircraft from completing their September 6 mission over northern Syria. I do not believe Syria, Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas, and friends will be able to launch a successful attack against Israel against Israel before 2010, and they might

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not be able to do so until 2014. If Arab forces launched a frontal line air and ground assault against Israel at the present time, they would be soundly defeated, and they know it. The guerilla tunnel rat hit and run tactics currently being employed, rather than frontal lines of troops directly facing each other, are working quite well for the Arabs and Persians, and I suspect they will be

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quite happy to keep on employing them until they feel confident they can win a straight line war.

The Arabs and Persians learned in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, that they are no match for Israeli and American ground and air power in a straight line face to face conventional war. However, they have been very effective in a quite different kind of warfare against what they call the ‘occupiers’. It worked for the Vietnamese against us in Vietnam. It worked for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and it is working for the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the al Aksa Martyrs Brigades inside Israel.

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So they will begin a truly conventional war only when

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they honestly think they can win it.

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Begin Jerusalem Post Article

Syria doesn’t want war with Israel ‘in distant or near future’


September 29, 2007

Syrian Vice President Farouk Shara said on Saturday that his country did not want war with Israel “in the distant or near future.”

Shara went on to say that everything reported so far about an alleged IAF air raid on Syria was wrong and part of a “psychological war” against Damascus intended to lay the ground for future attacks.

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In his first comments on the Sept. 6 alleged IAF incursion over Syria, Shara said Israel was trying to restore its damaged image following its “defeat” by Hizbullah guerrillas during their month-long war last year.

“If some people in Israel think that this psychological war will restore (the image of) the Israeli army following its defeat by the Lebanese resistance last year, they should know that what Israel needs is to restore the Israeli mind,” Shara said.

Details of the IAF incursion remain unclear.

While Israel has clamped a news blackout on the incident, US officials have said Israeli warplanes struck a target and a senior American nonproliferation official said earlier this month that North Korean personnel were in Syria helping its nuclear program, resulting in speculation nuclear installations had been targeted.

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Syria and North Korea both denied the reports

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and accused US officials of spreading the allegations for political reasons.

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Syria has said only that warplanes entered its airspace, came under fire from anti-aircraft defenses, and dropped munitions and fuel tanks to lighten their loads while they fled.

“The size of these (media) leaks along with the fabrications they carry is striking,” Shara said at a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart, Adil Abdul-Mahdi. “They (the Western and Israeli media) are inventing things to justify a future aggression” against Syria, he concluded.

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He described reports of North Koreans killed in the alleged raid as “nonsense.”

Shara also said that Syria has not received an official invitation to a US-proposed Mideast peace conference to take place in November.

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But he said that any such conference must be based on “firm grounds” such as UN resolutions or an Arab peace initiative and the return by Israel of occupied territories.

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Any conference that is not based on these principles “will have no value other than being a photo opportunity,” Shara added.

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