Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan NOT among the 10 Horns of Daniel 7!

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan not among the 10 horns of Daniel 7!

August 29, 2007

I have been contending for some 33 years that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt would not be among the 10 toes and 10 horns found in the Second and Seventh Chapters of the Book of Daniel.

There are several reasons I have consistently maintained this position and the individual reasons for each country are sprinkled throughout our Archives, but there is one reason that is paramount, which applies to all three. Simply this – They are too buddy-buddy with the United States, and any major Jihad attack plans would be guarded to the death in order to prohibit such information from leaking to any one of these three Islamic countries.

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The fact that Egypt and Jordan signed peace agreements with Israel is looked upon as a betrayal of Islamic Law by Syria, Iran, and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia’s rulers playing “footsy” with the United States is considered an act of betrayal to Jihad.

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The latest Daily Star staff article, which follows, attests to the scalding comments of Saudi Arabia against Syria that have certainly added fuel to a fire which will not allow the Saudis to be privy to any secret plans of Jihad.

Begin The Daily Star Article

Daily Star staff

Friday, August 24, 2007

BEIRUT: Riyadh-based Oukaz lashed out at the Syrian regime Tuesday accusing it of having plotted the assassination of Lebanese politicians starting with Druze leader Kamal Jumblatt.

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“For the last 30 years Syria has set up a clear-cut plan to systematically kill Lebanese leaders to incite strife among various Lebanese sects, and consequently reinforce its presence and role in Lebanon,” the newspaper said

The Saudi daily has published in its Tuesday issue a special report from Beirut tackling the role of Syria in Lebanon since 1975.

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The daily described the current Syrian regime as “a regime of slaying and slaughter,” and accused it of making use “of all possible means to restore its influence in Lebanon after their withdrawal in April 2005.”

“The Syrian regime has long worked on inciting hatred and conflicts among the Lebanese and has currently created what could be labeled as ‘death teams’ to silence anyone who dares to speak against Syrian influence in Lebanon,” Oukaz reported.

The daily blamed Syria for plotting all the assassinations of March 14 figure which took place following the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri.

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Oukaz also accused Syria of killing former presidents Bashir Gemayel and Rene Mouawad.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Syria escalated in the last week or so because of discord over Lebanon.

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Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa said last week the kingdom’s regional influence was in a state of paralysis. Riyadh snapped back saying Damascus was trying to incite disorder and conflicts in the region.

Relations between the two countries deteriorated after the February 2005 Hariri assassination, which ultimately led to Syria’s withdrawal of its troops from Lebanon after a three-decade military presence.

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“The Syrian regime has brought nothing but harm to the Lebanese as well as the Palestinians in Lebanon; fueling inter-Lebanese and Lebanese-Palestinian skirmishes in an attempt to boost its role in Lebanon,” the daily said. – The Daily Star


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