Four Articles on Iran’s Regional Preparation for War!

Four Articles on Iran’s Regional Preparation for War!

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st 28, 2007

The widespread training of the terrorist groups, and shuffling of high tech weaponry across the Middle East by Iran, is quite evident in these four articles that follow.

It would be impossible to conceive of any sort of situation that might be successful in stopping the eventual use of these weapons.

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According to the Scriptures, war is definitely coming. The only question remaining is WHEN!

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My guess is that the final war of this age will begin at some point in time between 2008 and the end of 2012, with the most likely time for it to start being in the latter part of that time frame. It is a guess, no more and no less.

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Article 1

Iran Continues to Update its Arsenal in Quantity and Quality!

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August 28, 2007

‘Revolutionary Guards try to get around sanctions’ Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST

August 23, 2007

Teheran announced that it has developed a new 900-kilogram “smart” bomb, state-run television reported Thursday, the latest in a recent series of announcements heralding new weapons systems.

The guided bomb, named Qased or Messenger, can be deployed by Iran’s aging US-made F-4 and F-5 fighter jets and will be officially unveiled next week, said

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the broadcast quoting a Defense Ministry statement.

Iran often announces new weapons for its arsenal, but the United States maintains that while the Islamic Republic has made some strides, many of these statements are exaggerations.

Iran launched its own arms development program during its 1980-88 war with Iraq in response to a US-led arms embargo, and since 1992, the country has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, and missiles.

Earlier this month, Iran said it had started industrial-scale production of its own fighter jet, known as Azarakhsh or Lightning, to upgrade its elderly air force, much of which dates from before the 1979 revolution.

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Iran last year test-fired an “ultra-horizon” missile, two powerful torpedoes and a Fajr-e Darya missile capable of avoiding radars and hitting several targets simultaneously using multiple warheads during large military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf.

Article 2

Israel worries Iran may give Russian anti-ship missile to Syria, Hizbullah


August 28, 2007

The recent delivery of an advanced Russian-made anti-ship missile to Iran has defense officials concerned it will be transferred to Syria and Hizbullah and used against the Israel Navy in a future conflict.

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Called the SSN-X-26 Yakhont, the supersonic cruise missile can be launched from the coast and hit sea-borne targets up to 300 kilometers away. The missile carries a 200-kilogram warhead and flies a meter-and-a-half above sea level, making it extremely difficult to intercept. Its closest Western counterpart is the US-made Tomahawk and Harpoon.

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The missile homes in on its target using an advanced radar guidance system that is said to make it resistant to electronic jamming.

The Yakhont is an operational and tactical missile and can be used against both a medium-sized destroyer and an aircraft carrier. It would pose a serious threat to the Israel Navy, according to defense officials.

“This is certainly a threat to the Navy,” one defense official said.

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“There is a real fear that if this missile is in Iran it will also be in Syria and Lebanon.”

During the Second Lebanon War, the IDF was surprised when the INS Hanit was struck by a Chinese-made ground- to-sea missile, which was not known

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to have been in Hizbullah hands. At the time, the IDF suspected Iran had assisted Hizbullah in the attack, which killed four sailors. While officials could not confirm that the missile had reached Syria or Hizbullah, the growing assumption is that any weapons system or missile that can be taken apart and fit into a shipping container can easily be transferred.

Article 3

Begin DEBKAfile Article

Israeli Defense Minister Barak discerns ebb in war tensions with Syria, reports massive expansion of Hizballah arsenal

August 27, 2007, 2:13 PM (GMT+02:00)

In his first briefing to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee Monday, Aug. 27, defense minister Ehud Barak reported that Iranian missiles for Hizballah were being unloaded at Syria’s Latakia port. They consist of many times more long-range and short-range rockets than Hizballah had in its arsenal when it went to war with Israel in 2006.

The Lebanese army, albeit bound to disarm Hizballah by UN Security Council resolution 1701 which ended the war, is in fact helping the Shiite extremists unload their arms deliveries.

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The minister concluded that the UN resolution must be considered a dead letter.

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Article 4

Israeli Says Hamas Is Training Hundreds Abroad

August 28, 2007

Steven Erlanger

Hamas has sent hundreds of its fighters abroad for military training, most of them to Iran, the Israeli Army’s deputy chief of staff says, and Israel has the names of more than 100 of them.

Israel is watching as Hamas, in control of Gaza,

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is building an army there on the model of Hizbullah in southern Lebanon, said the deputy chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky,

He said Hamas was constructing positions and fortifications, building tunnels for fighting and smuggling in explosives, antitank weapons and more sophisticated rockets through the Egyptian desert.

Hamas now has improved antitank missiles and mortars and possesses manufactured Katyusha rockets with a range of 10.6 miles, which they are keeping in reserve. (New York Times)

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