Passing through the Autumnal Equinox may see a Major Lebanese Governmental Crisis!

Passing through the Autumnal Equinox may see a Major Lebanese Governmental Crisis!

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July 30, 2007

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ays after the Sun has passed the equator on its annual autumnal equinox trip into the Southern Hemisphere on September 23, Lebanon could well be facing a major showdown in government, which began after the Syrian Army pulled out in 2004. If Hizbullah and Syria intend to pull off a coup, and take over the government, then this would seem

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to be an ideal time to make their move.

With the election of a new Lebanese President scheduled for September 25, there will be increasing tension between the rival political parties, the Army, and Hizbullah throughout August and September.

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Begin YNet News Breaking Report

Breaking YNet News

French FM leaves Lebanon without breakthroughs

July 30, 2007

France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner brought together rival Lebanese leaders for lunch at the French Embassy on Sunday, describing the meeting as a “success” and an encouraging sign.

The meeting came a day after Kouchner warned that Lebanon could face a new civil war if its feuding political chiefs failed to resolve the crisis threatening to tear the country apart.

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Begin Daily Star Editorial

The only pressing goal now is to ensure that Lebanon survives its own politicians

By The Daily Star

July 26, 2007


In exactly 61 days, Lebanon is set to enter its worst crisis since the height of the Civil War, but the country’s political leaders seem to have not yet realized that time is no longer on their side. Little progress has been made over the past eight months in terms of addressing the power struggle that has paralyzed the constitutional institutions of this country and brought economic

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and politic

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al progress to a screeching halt.

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On September 25, when Parliament is scheduled to elect a president to replace Emile Lahoud, these problems will only be exacerbated unless steps are taken soon to avert an impending disaster.

Virtually every head of state in the region, along with top-level officials from Western countries, has weighed in on Lebanon’s political crisis and made an effort to encourage rival factions to engage in dialogue to resolve their differences. Even though these mediation attempts have at various times looked promising, Lebanese leaders have so far proven themselves either unable or unwilling to make progress toward a final solution. So far, any genuine concern Lebanese leaders have for their country has been eclipsed by the priority of their own interests. All and sundry have resisted attempts at compromise and then tried to shift the responsibility for their own failings by blaming “foreign interference” for the degenerating state of affairs in this country.

Young Lebanese, particularly those whose talents and skills are marketable around the world, would probably like nothing more than to stay in

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their own country and see their politicians get past their petty differences and busy themselves instead with the long-neglected task of governance. Yet the fact that their politicians are still struggling to achieve a face-to-face meeting and are giving no hints of an impending breakthrough gives these youths little reason to be optimistic. Each day that goes by sees untold numbers of them packing their bags and leaving the country, depriving Lebanon of its most valuable resource: its young, educated and talented

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young citizens whose contributions are vital for economic recovery. Discord and instability have already driven perhaps hundreds of thousands of them to leave, and if September approaches without a political agreement, thousands more will probably follow.

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Hardly anyone now speaks of the lofty goals that were championed in the wake of Syria’s withdrawal from the country in 2004. At this point the goals of substantive political and economic reform have all taken a back seat to the humble objective of ensuring that Lebanon survives its own leaders’ attempts to push the country into extinction. Securing a solution – any solution – that would prevent the country’s demise has become the new benchmark for political “success” in Lebanon. Still, it often seems as though Lebanon’s inept political elite will fail to meet even that most basic challenge. Another window of opportunity will be presented to rival factions over the weekend, when France’s foreign minister arrives to lead another mediation effort.

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No one is likely to be forgiving if Lebanese leaders forfeit what may be a last chance to avert the death of a nation.

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