Franchise Agreement Sample For Preschool

C. Products. Supplies and materials. Following the implementation of this franchise agreement, Franchisor will do everything in its power to make available to manufacturers or suppliers designated by FRANCHISOR the necessary or approved products of FRANCHISOR for use in relation to the Center site, as franchiSOR suppliers are able to supply the same product. FRANCHISEE purchases approved equipment and all other necessary products from a supplier that respects franchiSOR`s acceptance of the supplier. Guidelines, as described in Section 5, paragraph J, of this franchise agreement. C. In exchange. FRANCHISEE recognizes and accepts that the licensing and franchiSOR commitments and agreements contained in this franchise agreement constitute the only consideration for the payment of the original franchise fee. The original deductible fee is considered to be fully earned by FRANCHISOR, as noted above, and no part of this deductible will be refunded to AN FRANCHISEE, unless expressly provided here. An application to transfer a franchise agreement must be submitted in writing to the franchisor by the franchisee. The franchisor accepted the transfer if it did not object within 60 days of the written notification.

It cannot unreasonably deny consent to the transfer of a franchise agreement. Intellectual property rights and obligations are all regulated by law; and since all codes of ethics require compliance with existing legislation, it can be assumed that the obligation to respect intellectual property rights is therefore included in this requirement. The licensee has the right to protect its intellectual property and to define the conditions under which it concedes to others the use of its intellectual property. It is the terms of the franchise agreement that define the license granted to franchisees and govern the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Mr. Manuel. In order to maintain consistent operating standards for a Kids `R` Kids Center and to protect the goodwill of FRANCHISOR, Kids `R` Kids System and Marks, FRANCHISEE is committed to defining the standards set by FRANCHISOR and set in the manual and modified from time to time. Franchisor assigns a copy of the manual to FRANCHISEE prior to the opening of the Centre`s website.

FRANCHISEE treats the Manual confidentially and is responsible for any disclosure not authorized by FRANCHISEE or by any of the franchise partners, shareholders, contracting entities, directors, executives, employees, agents or other persons or entities that have access to it through franchises. FRANCHISOR requires its contracting entities, associated companies, shareholders, directors, executives, employees, representatives or any other person or entity with access to confidential information, knowledge or know-how, including, but without restriction, information contained in the FRANCHISOR manual, to execute an uncompetitive and secret agreement in a satisfactory form at its discretion for FRANCHISOR.

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